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Working with live animals requires a great deal of skill.  Some pets are more wriggly than others, and there is always a risk of nicking or cutting the animal accidentially, even with the greatest of care by the professional groomer.
Matted dogs
De-matting a pet can be a very painful process.  It requires a lot of brushing in order to remove tangles or matts, and will cause redness on your pets skin.  To avoid this from happening, it is necessary to have your pet groomed on a regular basis.  Here at Groomed to 'Paw'fection, we groom because we love animals, we became groomers to help your pet look and feel good, not to hurt them by excessive de-matting (brushing).  When the coat is matted, sometimes it is necessary to do a clip-down, meaning that the coat needs to be clipped very short, your pet will have very little coat left after this process.  It is much more humane to cut the hair short and let the coat grow back.  The need to remove the matts are primarily for the health of your pet.  Comestic appearance is secondary at this time.  Any other method of hair removal would be MUCH too painful for your pet, in its present condition.   Matted hair is a major contributor to skin problems.  Matted fur holds moisture against the skin and can cause redness and irritation.  Matted fur can also be haven for fleas and debris.
Pets are like children, they dont like to have their owners leave them.  They may shake and show fear that might be stressful to some owners, but owners I can assure you that once you leave the salon, they do settle and become more relaxed to their new surroundings. 
Heavily matted pets may experience more stress than pets that are less matted, and may remember this experience.  Thats why its important to have your pet groomed on a regular basis.  We want both your vist to the grooming salon to be a positive one rather than dread.
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