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Groomed to 'Paw'fection gives you 8 good tips on how to keep your dog clean and healthy.
1) A bath is a good thing! Sure, your lovable pooch would rather roll around in the dirt, but bathing helps remove old hair, dirt, and oil from the skin, not to mention what he/she rolled in!
2) The dreaded brush! Yes, we should all brush our dogs religiously, but do we? No.  If your dogs coat tends to tangle or matt easily, i might suggest a shorter time between grooming sessions.  Sometimes a dog gets so badly matted that it has to be shaved right down to the skin, this is no fun for the groomer or the dog but must be done.  Please never try to cut the matts off with scissors if they are close to the skin, because you will most likely cut the skin as well.  Ouch!
3) Can your dog see ok?  Those long hairs that grow inside your dogs eyes might cause eye problems and make it hard for your dog to see.
4) Hearing is important!  Yes they might pretend they can't hear you unless you say "treat" or "walk" but making sure their ears stay healthy and free from infection is important.  Groomers can help by shaving the hair from inside the pinna (the floppy part of the ear) to help air circulate.  A healthy ear should smell and look clean.
5) Groomers should also check doggies teeth to make sure all is well.  They might be able to detect a small problem before it becomes a large one.
6) Nails, best thing to do when your pup is young is touch and hold his/her feet and toes often, this gets them used to having their feet handled.  Long, overgrown nails can break at the base and be painful to walk on, they can also cause nails to grow right into the paw pad.  These are good reasons to keep them trimmed.  Good news for dogs that get walked a lot..their nails often get filed down naturally by the cement sidewalks, especially the back nails as dogs push off the back feet when walking and running.
7) Cosmetics, if your dog is pleasing to your eye and smells good your going to want to give him/her lots of love and affection and they love that.  You might even want to take them on an extra walk to show them off, and that's a good thing!
8) Last but not least, we must bring up the rear!  Keeping the hair short and tidy around the dogs private areas is a must.  Situated to the sides of the anus are two anal glands.  These glands produce foul smelling material that is normally expressed when your dog has a bowel movement.  These glands can become painfully blocked and infected.  One sign of this might be scooting. 

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