- The best choice for well groomed dogs
1) Bathing with specially formulated shampoo.
2) Mini message, helps ease and relax tired, elderly and nervous dogs.
3) Coat conditioning.
4) Hand dryining (no cages or drying cabinets used)
5) Full grooming to assist with the natural shedding of your dogs coat.
6) Eye cleaning
7) Nail clipping
8) Ears cleaned/plucked
9)Teeth cleaned
10) Hair (coat) cut in the style of your choice
And to finish
A spritz of our 'special' groomed to 'paw'fection dog perfume.
Cute bow or bandanna should you not object, and of course last but not least, a wee goodie bag/treat for your little one being such a good little girl/boy.
Healthy coat removes parasites, dirt and debris.
Aids appearance and circulation.
Promotes new coat growth and oils.
Reduces unpleasant dog odour in house.
Reduces risk of skin conditions.
Reduces scratching which is annoying to owner and dog.
A good bonding excerise.
Allows a health check.
Prevents the coat getting matted and causing discomfort to the dog.
A happy and healthy little dog.
The misconception that dogs should not be groomed In the winter is untrue.  Dry heat in homes can be tough on our hair and skin, it can be tough on your pets also. The layer of fat between your pets muscle and skin is the true insulator.  If your pet is matted it is better to clip your pet short than to let the matting cause skin and health problems, even in the coldest weather.  Hair that accumulates in the pads of your dogs feet can pick up foreign objects, become matted and hold moisture between pads.  Have you ever walked aroung with rocks in your shoes?  Sounds uncomfortable dosent it?
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